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Iran Vice President Rahimi on the Jews

Mohammad-Reza Rahimi, the Vice President of Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's number two, gave a speech in Tehran on June 26 at the UN-sponsored International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2012 annual event. It was disfigured all over by anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and is a fine specimen of the form.  Rahimi is not as well known as Ahmadinejad, but he surpassed his President by explicitly indicting Jews and Judaism rather than precision-targeting "Zionists".

It is frustrating and regrettable that so far no verbatim transcript of the speech has emerged in English.  I have worked hard over the last couple of days to find one or anything close -- an English-language summary or a verbatim transcript in Farsi.  All I can find are assorted quotes in several English-language news reports.

On a tip by Golnaz Esfandiari, I was able to disinter from the Google Cache a now-unavailable Farsi-language report on the speech that appears to be an eyewitness paraphrase of Rahimi's remarks.  It provides a clear and lengthy summary of what he actually said and serves as a better record than anything out there now.  Therefore I've labored to translate the document into English and present it here.
"The Vice President announced that the Iranian people, despite intense sanctions, are stalwart and content.”

The Mehr News Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) Mohammad Reza Rahimi, celebrating the anniversary of the global fight against narcotics, said: the trafficking of drugs and glass [“shisheh”, which means "glass", is a Persian idiom for crystal-meth -ed.] are rooted in the teachings of the Zionist Talmud. This book teaches them how to destroy non-Jews so as to nourish a fetus in the womb of a Jewish mother.

معاون اول رييس جمهور اعلام كرد كه مردم ايران با وجود تحريم‌هاي شديد قناعت مي‌كنند و ايستاد‌ه اند. به گزارش خبرنگار خبرگزاري دانشجويان ايران (ايسنا)، محمدرضا رحيمي در مراسم سالروز جهاني مبارزه با مواد مخدر گفت: توسعه و گسترش مواد مخدر و شيشه ريشه در آموزه‌هاي تلموت صهيونيست‌‌ها دارند. در اين كتاب آموزش داده شده كه غير يهود را چگونه نابود كنند و چگونه يك جنين در بطن يك مادر يهود پرورش داده شود.
He added: Eighty percent of American wealth is in the hands of 6 percent of the Jewish world and a U.S. researcher says that in order to reduce the population of American Indians a Jewish doctor of obstetrics and gynecology rendered 8000 of them sterile -- all of these teachings are in the Talmud.

وي افزود: هشتاد درصد ثروت آمريكا در دست شش درصد از يهوديان دنياست و يك محقق آمريكايي مي‌گويد يك پزشك زنان و زايمان يهود براي كاهش نسل سرخپوستان هشت هزار نفر از آنها را عقيم كرده است و همه اين مباحث در آموزه‌هاي تلموت است.

Rahimi clarified: the Talmud's teachings are against Christianity and against Muslims. They think God has created the world so that all other nations can serve them.

رحيمي تصريح كرد: آموزه‌هاي تلموت هم بر ضد مسيحيت و هم عليه مسلمانان . يهود ديگران را در خدمت خود مي‌داند.

He continued: what happened in Russia [the Bolshevik Revolution -ed.] and the labor movements were all due to the actions of orchestrating Jews, but later research showed that none among the victims were Jews.

وي ادامه داد:آنچه در روسيه اتفاق افتاد و همچنين تحركات كارگري همه ناشي از اقدامات يهود و سردمداران آنها بود اما تحقيقات بعد نشان داد كه يك نفر از كشته شدگان نيز از بين يهود نبوده است.

The Vice President stated: Wherever blood is spilled there is a Muslim and located behind the scenes is the Jew.

معاون اول رييس جمهور بيان كرد: هر كجا خوني ريخته مي‌شود يك مسلمان آنجا حضور دارد و در پشت صحنه آن يهيود قرار دارد.

The Zionists spread destruction not only by drugs, but also by [attacking] cultures and they do this in a way that no son and daughter knows their parents. Rahimi said: Jews dominate the media world to disseminate Jewish thought and plunder the resources and wealth of their countries. He said: they create differences between Shiite and Sunni nations and wear away their understanding, to destroy peace and security and comfort is their main goal.

وي ادامه داد: تخريب فقط به مواد مخدر نيست، بلكه با مسائل فرهنگي است و آنها به گونه‌اي مسائل فرهنگي را رواج مي‌دهند كه هيچ پسر و دختري خود را فرزندان والدينشان نمي‌دانند. رحيمي اظهار كرد: تسلط بر رسانه‌هاي جهان براي القاي تفكر يهود است و كار آنها غارت منابع و ثروت فرهنگي كشورهاست. وي گفت: آنها با ايجاد اختلاف بين ملت‌ها شيعه و سني درست مي‌كنند و زدودن آرامش و امنيت و از بين بردن آرامش هدف اصلي آنهاست.

Rahimi continued: Since [United States -ed.] forces entered Afghanistan poppy cultivation has increased by 60%; alternatively the Islamic Republic of Iran might have bought all poppy produced in Afghanistan and turned it into morphine and medical drugs. He also noted that Iran could take money from the Afghan transit route of drugs to Europe, and open up the way to this income for the country, but this is immoral and contrary to our religion.

رحيمي ادامه داد: از زماني كه نيروهاي آنها وارد افغانستان شده كشت ترياك 60 افزايش پيدا كرده است و گرنه جمهوري اسلامي ايران مي‌توانست تمام توليدات كشور افغانستان را يكجا بخرد و آنرا تبديل به مرفين كرده و به مصرف دارويي برساند. وي همچنين اذعان كرد ما مي‌توانيم با گرفتن پول از افغانستان مسير ترانزيت مواد مخدر به اروپا را باز كنيم و از اين راه درآمدي براي كشور كسب شود، اما اين خلاف اخلاق و خلاف مكتب ماست.

He pointed out: 13 percent of European addicts are opium users, but they get their liquor elsewhere. Despite the fact that we have respect for the followers of the Prophet Moses, we are opposed to the international Zionists. He announced that the Zionists are the main element of the drug trade, saying their aim is narcotics, while among the addicts you cannot even find one Zionist, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will pay for anybody who can research and find one single Zionist who is an addict. The Vice President stressed: worldwide 210 million people will try a drug, there are 27 million people in the world that are addicted and this is most relevant to Asian countries. Rahimi said: based on laws and regulations concerning drugs mandating that each drug lord is to be executed in Iran, they will make noise. Our question is, if we execute drug dealers and don’t promote drugs, what is the fuss for? He attributed these recent discussions in our country to Zionist propaganda, and thieves and robbers in this country.

وي خاطر نشان كرد: 13 درصد از معتادان اروپا را ترياكي‌ها به خود اختصاص مي‌دهند، اما آنها در جاي ديگري شراب ميل مي‌كنند. ما عليرغم اين‌كه براي پيروان حضرت موسي احترام قائل هستيم، اما مخالف صهيونيست جهاني هستيم. وي تجارت مواد مخدر را كار صهيونيست‌ها اعلام كرد و گفت: هدف آنها مواد مخدر است، اين در حالي است كه حتي يك صهيونيست معتاد هم نمي‌توان پيدا كرد و ما مي‌خواهيم از محققان و سازمان‌هاي بين المللي خود را معرفي كنند كه چرا صهيونيست‌ها ترويج و گسترش دهنده مواد مخدر هستند، اما خود آنها معتاد نيستند. معاون اول رييس جمهور تصريح كرد: در دنيا 210 ميليون نفر يك بار مواد مخدر را تجربه مي‌كنند و 27 ميليون نفر در دنيا معتاد وجود دارد كه بيشتر آنها مربوط به كشورهاي آسيايي است. رحيمي با بيان اين‌كه هر معتاد 5 نفر را درگير مي‌كند گفت: در حال حاضر 70 درصد از زندانيان ايران را مواد مخدري‌ها تشكيل مي‌دهند و 300 هزار پرونده مواد مخدر در قوه قضاييه وجود دارد كه باعث شده قوه قضاييه را به خود مشغول دارد. رحيمي اظهار كرد: بر اساس قوانين و مقررات هر باره كه سردسته مواد مخدري در ايران اعدام مي‌شود آنها سر و صدا مي‌كنند. سوال ما اين است شما مواد مخدر را ترويج مي‌كنيد و ما اعدام مي‌كنيم پس سر و صدا براي چيست. وي ادامه داد: به اين گونه مباحث تبليغات صهيونيستي گفته مي‌شود كه اخيرا در كشور ما هم باب شده و دزدان در اين مملكت آي دزد آي دزد راه انداخته‌اند.

Rahimi said the spread of drugs has occurred mostly in Asian countries because in Africa there is no money to buy drugs.

به گفته رحيمي گسترش مواد مخدر بيشتر در كشورهاي آسيايي اتفاق افتاده چرا كه در آفريقا پولي براي خريد مواد مخدر وجود ندارد.

He also pointed out: 10 percent of Americans are addicted to drugs but the Zionists are behind the whole story. The Vice President also stated that three million immigrants are in their country for years and it is possible to call Iran the largest immigrant country. If these numbers are taken out of the country the number of unemployed in our nation of Iran will reach zero.

وي همچنين خاطر نشان كرد: 10 درصد از آمريكايي‌ها معتاد هستند اما پشت پرده همه ماجراي مواد مخدر صهيونييست‌ها قرار دارند. معاون اول رييس جمهور همچنين بيان كرد سالهاست كه سه ميليون مهمان افغانستاني به كشور ما تحميل شده است و گفته مي‌شود ايران بزرگترين كشور مهاجر پذير است. اگر اين تعداد از كشور خارج شوند بيكاري‌مان به صفر مي‌رسد چون به همين تعداد بيكار در كشور داريم.

Elsewhere in his remarks about America, he claimed that via satellite they monitor certain events such as in prison camps and military bases, he said: "So why do you not see all the poppy fields in Afghanistan? Are you blind?”

وي در بخش ديگري از اظهارات خود درباره اينكه امريكا ادعا مي‌كند از طريق ماهواره اتفاقات فلان پادگان يا زندان را مي‌داند گفت: پس چرا آن همه مزارع ترياك در افغانستان را نمي‌بينيد؟ كوريد؟

He said wherever Iran shows independence and freedom there are manifestations of global arrogance and World Zionism. Why should the Islamic Republic of Iran give 4000 martyrs for fighting drugs, but there should not even be blood from the nose of one of them?

وي گفت: هر كجا مظاهر استقلال و آزادي ايران است استكبار و صهيونيست جهاني آنجا را مي‌كوبد. چرا بايد جمهوري اسلامي ايران چهارهزار شهيد براي مبارزه با مواد مخدر بدهد اما از دماغ يك نفر از آنها هم خون نيايد.

The Vice President said: if a carpenter from the Secretary-General headquarters to fight drug trafficking built a wall around Iran to stop opium from entering the country, what to do with industrial materials? Who will organize this material? The hands behind the curtain.

معاون اول رييس جمهور گفت: اگر دبير كل ستاد مبارزه با مواد مخدر (نجار) دور ايران را ديوار بكشد تا ترياك وارد كشور نشود با مواد صنعتي چكار كنيم. چه كسي اين مواد را سازماندهي مي‌كند. پس دستهايي پشت پرده وجود دارد.

Rahimi said: A United States Senator has said they will poison Iranians via cigarettes so we must tell the people and in the schools what kind of people they are. Rahimi said in another part of his speech: Doctors say there are enough drugs in the body and when someone is smoking all the time God has put enough of this in the body to discipline the body. This is why drug addiction affects the body with pain.

رحيمي اظهار كرد: سناتور امريكا گفته است ما ايرانيان را از طريق مسموم كردن سيگار از پا در مي‌آوريم پس بايد به مردم و مدارس بگوييم كه اينها چه كساني هستند. رحيمي در بخش ديگري از سخنان خود گفت: پزشكان مي‌گويند به اندازه كافي مخدر در بدن وجود دارد و خداوند اين مواد را به اندازه كافي در بدن قرار داده است زماني كه كسي مواد مصرف مي‌كند تمام نظم و انضباط بدن را به هم مي‌ريزد به همين دليل است معتادان در زمان ترك اعتياد به انواع دردهاي بدن دچار مي‌شوند.

He emphasized that the Zionists are behind all the stories of drugs and said that Iran is willing to pay the price of the research so all countries in the world know that Zionism is the main drug. He said that the Iranian people, despite intense sanctions, are stalwart and content. He stressed: there is no way except by making people ready to fight drugs and we shouldn't fill prisons with drugs.

وي با تاكيد بر اين‌كه پشت همه ماجراهاي مواد مخدر صهيونيست‌ها قرار دارند گفت: جمهوري اسلامي ايران حاضر است هزينه اين تحقيق را بپردازد تا همه كشورها بدانند كه صهيونيسم عامل اصلي مواد مخدر در جهان است. وي گفت: مردم ايران ايستاده‌اند و با وجود تحريم‌هاي شديد قناعت مي‌كنند. وي تاكيد كرد: هيچ راهي به جز آماده كردن مردم براي مبارزه با مواد مخدر وجود ندارد و نبايد زندان‌ها را از مواد مخدر پر كنيم.

End of messages
Journalist Code: 71 199

انتهاي پيام
کد خبرنگار: 71199 


Unlike Juan Cole, who if Rahimi's remarks become more infamous will arise to tell us they are merely whimsical references to a medieval Persian poem, I do not "command" Farsi. Therefore, my translation has been an interesting travail whose product is imperfect. It is made up of five sources: 1) Google Translate; 2) the Babylon English-to-Persian Translation tool; 3) Google Web and Images (for when dictionary lookups failed or produced confusing results); 4) Rahimi's quotes reported in English-language media, which I correlated to their referents in the Farsi transcript which I then replaced (in blue); and most of all, 5) the considerably gracious help of a tehrooni Farsi-speaker, who fought through her annoyance and embarrassment to sort out the most difficult passages. Let me say again that the Farsi transcript is a paraphrase, not verbatim.

Each paragraph is followed by the original Farsi text. Reader edits are most welcome. Based on them or my own efforts, I may be able to improve the translation in the coming days or weeks. I'll make my own changes inline without notification, as that seems most efficient and ethically unproblematic. However, if a reader helps out and I can confirm the new text I'll update this post with an acknowledgement.

Annoyingly, Blogger's GUI won't allow you to format text right-to-left, which one must when writing Farsi, unless you change your whole blog to be an Arabic, Hebrew or Persian-language blog.  (American global arrogance!)  Because I shudder to imagine the effect that might have on the rest of my posts, which incorporate a lot of custom HTML, I'm not going to bother. So my apologies for the ill-formatted Persian text.

There are two significant, if not precisely crucial, differences between the Rahimi quotes circulating and the Farsi transcript. First, Rahimi was quoted claiming the Talmud teaches Jews "how to destroy non-Jews so as to protect an embryo in the womb of a Jewish mother."  According to the transcript, he didn't use a Farsi verb meaning "protect".  I felt the closest English interpretation of the verb he was reported to have used -- پرورش داده -- which might unite the means (destroying non-Jews) with the ends (conferring some benefit on Jewish fetuses), was "nourish". But yeah, it's still batshit crazy.

Second, Rahimi was reported to have said Jews kill "black babies" on the orders of "the Zionists". The transcript says Rahimi claimed that in order to control the population of Native Americans, Jewish doctors sterilized Native American women. The Farsi phrase used is "red-skinned" and as it once was here in rougher times, Iranians use it to refer to Native Americans. They do not use it to refer to black people.

Thomas Erdbrink, whose New York Times report on the speech (linked above) is the most heavily cited, told me he witnessed the event and ran quotes that were rendered into English by an official Iranian government translator.  The transcript I translated was made by the Iranian Students' News Agency.

Though the ISNA transcript appears to be an eyewitness rendering, it's been secreted away and I'll never find "Journalist 71199" to ask after the methods he or she used.

I've made requests of Ahmadinejad's office and relevant departments of the United Nations to obtain a verbatim transcript in any language of Rahimi's speech.  I'll update if I receive fruitful responses.

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