Saturday, March 29, 2008

Teen Vermin Attack Lubavitcher

Just a few blocks from where I live, petty criminals have proven once again they are the stupidest stratum of society, and therefore why the New Antisemitism appeals to so many of them.

Police are investigating what they called a possible bias attack in Brooklyn in which a Jewish man was robbed and beaten before one of his attackers was hit by a car.

Uria Ohana, 25, an assistant rabbi, said Thurday that he entered the Fourth Avenue-Ninth Street subway station in Park Slope on his way to a lecture in Manhattan on Tuesday evening when a young man, one of a group on the platform, grabbed his yarmulke from his head and ran for the exit.

Ohana said he chased the man to the street, where the man darted between two parked cars and was struck by a passing vehicle.

As a crowd formed around the injured man, two of his attackers' acquaintances ran up and confronted him, Ohana said.

"When they saw him injured, they started screaming, 'Look what you did' and they punched me in the head," he said.

The two men who attacked him and a handful of others then jumped into a sport utility vehicle and fled, he said.

Ohana, who grew up in Israel and lives in Wellesley, Mass., said he believes the men targeted him because he is Jewish. "They were yelling 'Allahu akbar' which literally means 'God is great.' But it was the symbolic meaning that frightened me," he said.

I've lived in Brooklyn for ten years. I started on Fourth Avenue a little ways down from that train station. It hasn't been terribly dangerous in that time, and it gets less and less so, but there has always been a surplus of teen vermin on that strip.

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