Monday, February 13, 2006

Hamshahri's Cartoon Jihad

The Iranian establishment rag Hamshahri has released its call for cartoon jihad.
As usual, freedom of expression is used to serve as an excuse for westerners to attack sanctities of the Muslims in blatant disregard for moral principles and respect for opinions of others. The attack comes despite the fact that it is an unforgiven crime in the West to debate and critique many issues including the domineering system, looting and crimes perpetrated by the US and Israel as well as alleged historical events like the Holocaust.

Many thinkers express doubt about the accuracy of the Holocaust. However even expressing doubt in this regard entails prosecution.

In the wake of the publication of the profane cartoons in several European newspapers, Hamshahri is going to measure the sanctity of freedom of expression among the westerners. Thus, it is co-sponsoring with the Caricature House a competition on the Holocaust.